Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling


We are in real crisis. Things are so bad that I can’t see a way forward. Mayday, Mayday!

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I have just discovered about an affair or betrayal. I feel shocked, angry, hurt and just don’t know what to do.

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We started off so well but over the years, life, children and work have distracted us from our own relationship. We have drifted apart and need help in getting close to each other and heading in the same direction.

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We have decided that the gap between is too large and we need to go in different directions. We want to part as amicably as possible and protect family, friends and children. We also want to celebrate what was good in our past and learn what we need to do differently in future relationships.

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We are newly in love and both have had difficult past relationships. We want to learn what we need to from those and to have a clean start in our new relationship together.

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Our relationship is OK but we want more. We want to make it really wonderful again.

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Articles & Testimonials

“It is massively beneficial to have both a male and a female counselling us at the same time”

“When shopping around for counselling, 95% demanded weekly sessions at specific times, and were totally inflexible. You can give us the flexibility we need, and besides which, I like the idea that Duo Coaching is a man and a woman.”

“The knowledge that we can email and phone you between sessions to get your support is incredibly helpful and makes us feel really supported.”

“I have never felt quite so safe and able to open up with anyone as I did with you both. You had an amazing understanding which gave me comfort and strength. You’ve been so kind – thank you.”

“The journey is still tough but it is so much easier when there is a safe place to talk, to share and not shout or be shouted at.”

“When we found ourselves at a crossroads in our marriage, you taught us how to be honest and open with each other and, with the utmost sensitivity, encouraged us to find the right path.”

“We liked the unique service of two of you working with two of us. From Day 1 the journey has turned into a positive one rather than negative. You are both very skilled but in different ways.”

“Duo Coaching has saved our life together. From the first distraught phone conversation, and in Duo Coaching sessions over the last few months, you have helped us rebuild our shattered marriage and learn a great deal about ourselves, both as individuals, and as a couple.”

“We have learned a HUGE amount during our time with you – the ability to talk and actually connect with one another is something that was vitally missing from our relationship and not something that any previous counselling has ever managed to help us with. “

“We are both hugely grateful for the support and advice and help you have given us to get us through what has been a miserably tough time. We now feel ready to move forward with the tools you have given us.”

“The skilful and thoughtful sessions we had with you have enabled us to clearly move forward. I have a genuine feeling that I have my old and truly wonderful wife back – the one I close to destroyed and I feel grateful, relieved and unduly fortunate.”

“I can’t imagine what would have happened had we not had the intervention you brought. Thank you. Both”

“We have never been happier. We are stronger than we ever have been. We are totally in love.  Thank you.”

“There is now real empathy between us. I can now be much more open about my emotions and know that I will be supported. I can enjoy, laugh and take the rough with the smooth.”

“This is the first time in years that we have bared all. Without this, we wouldn’t be in a relationship at all. The balance of the future is now much greater than to the past.”

“Before we would have screamed and shouted at each other; now we are talking like grown ups. We are now in a really positive place and I know we’ll never go back to how things were in the past.”

“I am much more happy and having really positive experiences at home; I am really wanting to come home and see my wife rather than dreading it.”

“Thank you so very much for your incredible insight, sensitivity and intelligent guidance.”

“Having met you, we knew that we were in safe hands and had made the right decision.”

“We feel we’ve entered a new and all together more positive phase of our lives and I thank you again for helping us get here.”

“My life and our lives are so much better for working with you. It has made such a significant difference to us.”

“We chose you because I knew there would be an end in six sessions.  Now we’ve reached the end I realise they’ve gone amazingly quickly.”

“We’re now talking in the way that we were never able to do in our lives. After just three sessions with you: We have just had the best holiday that we’ve ever had. We have come a huge way. This is the beginning of our new life.

“After just one session we now know with real clarity what the fundamental issues are and are on the way to resolving them.”

“We appreciate the secure, calming, revealing, educational and problem solving sessions.”

“Your qualities include listening, firm but kind, versatile, able to adapt, genuinely caring, being outcome based to create real, practical results.”

“The first long offload session was essential, as we got everything out and ended up empty. From there we could move on. If we’d gone to traditional counselling we’d have still been offloading two months later.”

“If we had gone to conventional counselling we would have taken a longtime getting nowhere. It would have been tedious and my husband would have felt marginalised. This has worked wonderfully well for us.”

“We’ve had traditional Relationship Counselling before and now know that you get what you pay for.”

“You both have an amazing ability to help uncover the real reasons for our behaviours and actions without us feeling ‘bad’ about it. ”

“ I’ve never ever felt as good as I have done in the last week. I felt really good when I first came here and I knew we were in safe hands.”

“The first time we came here we learned so much. We would never ever have worked this out ourselves.”