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Relationship Counselling

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The situation is now so bad I can’t see us going on with our relationship. Separation or divorce are in the offing... Mayday, Mayday!! 

Marriage Guidance

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There’s more than just my partner in this marriage - an affair, split loyalties, in-law trouble, ex-partner problems, or difficulties over children and babies. Pirates ahoy! Help us!

Couple Counselling

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Our relationship/marriage started off so well but then life got busy, and now we’re in rough waters. We want safe seas to get us back on track.

Marriage Counsellors: Help!

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One of us has a problem which is making our relationship dangerously unstable. Outside assistance is our only hope of keeping afloat.

Relationship Building

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We want to build a robust ship and a resilient crew to survive the storms of life and bring joy to our dream voyage. We believe relationship coaching will guide us on our way.

Marriage Coaching

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It’s so lonely now. Grey clouds have settled over our relationship. We want to to see the stars again, and find our way again together, if that's possible.

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