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A different way of getting marriage guidance

How traditional counselling works

Typically Relationship Counselling works with one counsellor having sessions with one or both parties of the couple in an office environment. These sessions are typically fifty minutes long and are at regular weekly intervals over an indeterminate period of time. The sessions will normally focus on the problems that the couple are facing. The disadvantages of this approach are that;

  • There is often a lengthy wait required. When you reach a crisis in your relationship you need support now, not in a month or more.
  • It is often standardised and prescriptive and uses just one Counselling model
  • There may be too much emphasis on past problems rather than focusing on the outcomes that you both want.
  • Sessions will end when the clock says rather than coming to a natural ending.
  • One of the partners will almost inevitably feel marginalised or ganged up on.
  • You have to attend weekly or fortnightly over an extended period of time, which can be difficult to commit to.

Our quality approach is different because we:

  • use our Duo Coaching approach (two coaches, Neil and Maria, to the two of you) to ensure that both of you are listened to and your views and experiences heard and respected, while containing any possibility of the situation escalating.
  • use relationship coaching as well as counselling to help you get to where you want to go
  • can react very quickly and flexibly when you need us with our 24/7 service.
  • can work with you as two individuals as well as working on the ‘us’.
  • ensure that you are both listened to all of the time.
  • create a safe environment where there is no blame; just experiences to be learned from.
  • have two of us, with different perspectives, working very intensively with both of you.
  • can use time within each session to be a mix of working two on two and working separately.
  • have a wide range of tools, techniques, skills and experiences and will use a blend of these to meet your specific needs.
  • focus on the outcomes that you want as individuals and as a couple.
  • deal rapidly with the ‘stuff’ from the past and, most importantly help you to move on from this to the lives that you both want.


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