Neil Wilkie


Neil is passionate about making a difference and helping his clients ‘Become the person you want to be’.

Neil has a wide range of life experiences and training that enables him to deal quickly and effectively with relationship issues. He has had a long and successful business career during which time he also spent many years doing voluntary counselling. He decided, several years ago to move on from business to his real passion of helping people have better relationships and making a real difference to their lives.

Neil has a wide variety of training, in Counselling, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Family Constellations, Clean Space and Language, Symbolic Modelling and as a Master Practitioner in NLP. He uses a blend of these techniques to provide the right solutions to the needs of each client in the moment and has worked with over 500 clients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression as well as those with relationship issues.

Neil developed the concept of Duo Coaching over 8 years ago. Neil and Maria have different backgrounds and styles but they share values and approaches. They have found working together to be a remarkably effective way of working with couples together to help resolve relationship issues.  The fact that they are business (and not life) partners is great as they bring their own approaches and experiences into the sessions with clients and do not present themselves as an 'idealised' couple.

Outside of work Neil is a keen sailor, having done two transatlantics and many races and cruises on boats from 12' to 200'. His latest passion is cycling and has done several long distance rides.  He also flies, skydives, climbs, cycles and walks.

Neil believes that we should never stop learning and should allow ourselves to learn from the past but move on quickly to the future that we want to be having.  He loves his work with Maria and feels very privileged to be invited into couple's lives and able to help facilitate real, positive and lasting change.

Come and work with Neil, part of Duo Coaching, in Hampshire.