Split loyalties

Our relationship is heading to the rocks. Marriage counselling is needed

The partner wanting full commitment

I’ve always believed that we were committed to each other. But now I suspect (or am convinced) that someone or something else has taken my partner’s allegiance away from me. We need relationship counselling to help us because I’m not getting the answers I want, I’m unhappy, and I feel unloved and unwanted. I can’t trust my partner to be there for me any more.

I want my partner to be wholly committed to me, but I’m so suspicious. They are so defensive and that makes me angry. I feel so alone. I don’t want to live like this any more. I need relationship coaching to help me save my marriage.

The accused partner

The ‘someone or something else’ can be:

  • A close friend(s) of yours, maybe of the opposite sex
  • Your work, paid or voluntary
  • Your mother or father, alive or dead, or other family members
  • Something you find addictive – such as gambling, alcohol, or sex, or perhaps work, shopping, eating or sport
  • Your children, one or all
  • Online chat rooms or internet sites of all sorts
  • An ex-partner
  • An absorbing activity not shared by your partner eg. sport, hobbies
  • Your religion
  • Someone ill or in distress to whom you are dedicating yourself
  • Anything actual or perceived that your partner strongly resents and distrusts

Being the suspected partner, I can tell you this is a nightmare. I can no longer talk to my partner. Our relationship is going onto the rocks and we need to be rescued by couple counselling, so that we can save our marriage, and quickly.

Or, perhaps my partner is right. My commitment is divided. But how can I give this other person (or activity) up?  And I’m not sure I actually want to. Yet I value my relationship with my partner, and don’t want that to break down either.  We need marriage coaching with relationship counsellors who can listen to both sides of our story without judging us.

How Duo Coaching helps

We work with each of you in ways that respect your individual needs and then enable you both to deal with those feelings that never get talked about in safe ways that will not damage the fragile links between you. Through our relationship coaching, we will go on to teach you strategies to follow that will allow you both to come to a considered decision on the future of your relationship and allow you to healthily sustain your relationship for years to come or agree to part, as amicably as possible. Above all, we help you to renew intimacy and desire within your committed partnership. 

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