The Single Issue Package

Dealing with your relationship with marriage guidance


What you want is something very particular. Examples that you might want explore could be

  • how to stay in connection with each other through IVF treatment
  • planning for the future 
  • separation and/or divorce 
  • necessary changes following illness or diagnosis
  • major lifestyle change
  • impending death or disablement
  • responsibilties such as finances, property, business arangements
  • parenting agreements
  • caring for dependents
  • planning for the family after inheritance, windfalls or business sales

We can help you with:

  • a safe environment to talk and listen to each other
  • outside assistance to work through unhelpful behaviours
  • specific relationship help for intimacy and desire problems 
  • help in breaking deadlocks and making decisions for the future


  • mediation to negotiate a specific issue - such as; retirement dreams and practicalities, redundancy, changes brought about by ill health or wealth prospects, separation and/or divorce
  • sessions focussed just on your specific issue
  • specialist resources

The number of sessions and frequency depends on your issue. It may be just 1 session, or 4, or more. Talk to us to on 0238 168 0008 or email us to work out what will be best for your personal circumstances.

Contact us now to agree prices for what you need.


Duo Coaching is characterised by:

  • ensuring that both of you are listened to and your views and experiences heard and respected 
  • dealing with both of you in ways that are unjudgemental, 
  • working with you as two individuals as well as working on the ‘us’ 
  • having the two of us, with our different perspectives, working very intensively with both of you.
  • creating a safe environment to communicate in
  • not assigning blame, since there are two sides to every story

Come and see us in Brockenhurst, Hampshire. 



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