Relationship counselling

Our marriage is sinking.... we need couple counselling now


We've always had a few problems, but generally we've bobbed along OK. But things have got a lot worse recently and our marriage or relationship is in real trouble now.

Our boat has been badly rocked and we're taking on water - separation, maybe divorce, is in the offing. 


Aimed at:

  • those whose partnership is in crisis.  You don't know whether to stay or leave
  • where clarity and resolution are needed quickly
  • those who are on the cusp of leaving but are worried about the children

This is you.  No need to read more. Go direct to the next step.....

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If you have a problem, call us on 023 816 0008 or email us for relationship counselling in Brockenhurst, Hampshire.  We can help.

If you are too far away to get to normal marriage counselling sessions in Hampshire, look at our Intensive Programmes.

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