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Looking to relationship coaching to plug the leaks


Our relationship has been knocked badly by the impact of something to do with only one of us. We thought we could weather anything, but this is taking us to the edge.

Our marriage is now is under considerable strain. We need relationship counselling help badly if we're to survive.

Our boat's damage threatens our basic safety

The problem could be a behaviour:

  • anger
  • something to do with love, affection or sex
  • nagging
  • a major lie(s) found out
  • identity issues
  • anything!

Or it might be an addiction or dependency:

  • gambling
  • sex
  • drugs
  • smoking
  • food - eating, or not
  • alcohol
  • time spent online - porn or gaming or something else
  • workaholic
  • anything habitual where the result of having done an activity leaves you drained, exhausted, feeling smaller, overwhelmed - possibly ashamed.  


  • a trauma, past or recent
  • an event(s) from which we are struggling to recover 
  • illness or incapacity of one partner, which is unbalancing us both
  • a major and unexpected role change for one of us -  a carer, becoming redundant, a parent, a major promotion or success
  • problems over conception or just after.  Go to A New baby.... or Not: now Trouble
  • something left in the past has turned up in the present

The basic structure of our relationship has been shaken. We just don’t know how to bridge the gaps that have appeared. 

Trying something new is our only hope. It would be lovely to get back to where we were, or at least a compromise arrangement, for the sake of the years and memories we have had together. Can relationship counsellors help us save our relationship?

How Duo Coaching works

With our special mix of relationship counselling and marriage coaching we work with both of you to help you decide what you both really want. Life has moved on since you first got together and many things in and around your relationship has changed.

In difficult times it becomes easy to focus on the negatives. We will help you reconnect with all those wonderful moments you have shared in the past. This will help change your perspectives and become much more resourceful in the way you deal with the future.  

With our help you will explore what you now want, individually and as a couple. We’ll help you create new personal and collective dreams and help both of you to navigate the course that you both need to take to achieve this.

We also help build bridges between you so that you will soon be able to occupy the same space rather than being emotionally distant. Through our relationship counselling you will be able to communicate openly and honestly to each other about your feelings and desires so that you are no longer alone on the journey.

Our couples counselling then helps you to create strategies to cope with the negative things that have happened; to deal with the past and to be allowed to chose how much you want the past to affect you in the future.  

Duo Coaching can help you to achieve this quickly and in a supportive environment.

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