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Setting sail with fine-tuning from relationship coaching


We love each other very much and want to build our love into a partnership that will last many years.  We want to give us ourselves the best chance possible to do this by investing in some practical relationship counselling.

Relationship Building suits those of you who

Are newly committed or married and/or

  • want to embed good habits into your relationship
  • want to sort out how resolve disagreements and still be in love

And/or you

  • are children (one or both) of divorced parents
  • have a history of relationship breakdowns (one or both)
  • have a decision to be made about what final committment means 
  • recognise you have had unhelpful role models in your lives and want to do better
  • it was love at first sight, and you are still getting to know each other 

And/or who

  • have a life-changing decision or event coming up, and want to prepare for it - moving in with each other, marriage, emigrating, children, or anything!
  • are already in a relationship but know it could be more fulfilling
  • love each other but feel the growth of your relationship is constrained by something
  • dream of something more than you have now
  • have children to co-parent and need to sort out parenting beliefs as part of coming together
  • want more intimacy and desire in your relationship
  • need extra discretion with support as one or both are public figures
  • want to increase sexual satisfaction
  • intend to become business partners as well as life-partners

Creating a sturdy framework with Duo Coaching

We help you gain insights how to relate even better to each other, and provide opportunities to practice techniques that will stand the test of time as you meet whatever life throws at you both. For our Better Relationship Packages.....

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If you live too far from Brockenhurst, Hampshire to come to a few standard sessions, rest easy as we can set up an Intensive Navigation Programme for you.....

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