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Can we get back together with relationship counselling?


It's so lonely now we've drifted apart... Where has all the love gone that was there at the beginning of our marriage (or relationship)? We need marriage counselling to save our relationship now.

Life was fine – not perfect, but then you can’t expect to have everything in a relationship. We were getting on well, leading fairly independent lives but we had a good friendship when our busy diaries meant we were at home together for a while. We respected each other, and never argued. We sorted out the occasional spat by getting around it in our individual ways. We’ve been together for quite a few years now – longer than many of those around us. We haven’t made love together for a long time, but sex isn’t essential in a good partnership, is it? We’re friends, first and foremost. We’ve trusted each other completely, and even take some of our holidays separately. It's been a good relationship.

While this worked well for us, we hadn't realised how far we had drifted from each other.

Then ‘it’ happened, which is causing us to seek relationship counselling. The ‘it’ is something that changed how we saw our marriage. Maybe one of us found ‘Love’ with someone else. Or 'got' religion in a big way. Perhaps a big life change upset the patterns of our life – distance working, retirement, redundancy, illness. Maybe one of us found themselves in a situation where they needed considerable, sustained and intensive support from the other – and that extra effort was impossible to give for many good and valid reasons.

Or maybe our lives are now so separate that loneliness is now an everyday part for us both. We’re missing feeling close to one another.  We've lost those feelings of intimacy and desire. Efforts to bring that closeness back just aren’t working. We can't relate to one another's hope and dreams any more. And just maybe there’s a suspicion that one of us is starting to look elsewhere for consolation…. We need professional help to save our relationship.

Mooring up together again

It is possible to re-enliven your relationship. We can help to re-establish emotional connections to each other while helping both you to sort out the realities of your lives. With practical assistance from relationship coaching, you can discover the differences between closeness and intimacy, and expand that friendship back into love and true companionship.

Through relationship counselling we can work with each of you in ways that respect your individual needs and then enable you both to deal with those feelings that never get talked about in safe ways that will not damage the fragile links between you. We will go on to teach you strategies to follow (the coaching side of what we do) that will healthily sustain your relationship for years to come.

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