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Finding smooth waters


Our relationship/marriage started off so well but then life got busy, and now we're in trouble.

When we started out, the design of our lives together made sense and really fitted.

We had so much in common – we thought we wouldn’t fall into the same traps as others whose relationships or marriages got into trouble. Our partnership was based on solid foundations – it was so unlikely to go wrong, and we so much wanted it to go right – especially if one or both of us had divorced parents. We need relationship counselling to save our partnership now.

And then there were kids - or not....

Both of us had good careers, and things were going really well for us. Then the biological clock started to tick louder, but that was OK – we’d always planned for kids. Children came along, with the larger house and all the stuff that goes with a growing family. There’s now an imbalance between our careers, family and relationship together; or maybe we’re both working so hard to maintain the home, kids and childcare that it’s hard to find time for each other. What’s so awful is that we can see echoes of our parents in our behaviours – and we swore we’d never be like them.

Or maybe having children was part of the dream – and then we found we couldn’t have kids. It’s been devastating. We’ve tried everything but no luck. If this is you, then look at A new baby; or not ... Now trouble.

Now we’ve grown apart. There’s this gulf between us, and it’s getting harder and harder to reach over to each other. There’s so much we don’t share any more in this relationship/marriage, there’s no real intimacy any more and we no longer can rely on the other to give us solace when we need it. It seems we only communicate on the practicalities of life now, and smooth sailing is a thing of the past. Can relationship counsellors help?

We could carry on as we are, but the quality of our lives together has diminished. Surely we can get back just a little bit of early dreams? It would be good to make a lasting difference to our relationship rather than painting over the cracks in the varnish.

Finding calm waters to make repairs

With Duo Coaching, we will help you to explore what you both want, individually and as a couple, as well as helping you access those intimate moments once more. Life has moved on since you first got together and many things in and around your relationship will have changed. Our special mix of relationship counselling and marriage coaching will enable you to change your perspectives so that both of you have new and more productive ways when dealing with rough waters in the future. Look at what others have to say about us.

Improving how you engage and communicate with each other is an integral part of the relationship coaching process, so that you can be open and honest with each other about your feelings and desires. Marriage counselling will help you to achieve this quickly and in a supportive environment, so that you reconnect with all those wonderful moments that you have shared in the past.


Take a look at our 'Better Relationship Package' if you think you'll probably stay together

The Better Relationships Package  

If things are so bad that one or either of you is considering leaving, look at our 'Crisis Package'

The Crisis Package


If children are central to your issues

The children are de-stablising us


If you both live AND work together

Working and living together - Better Relationships Package



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