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We’re on the rocks - Mayday! Mayday! Marriage counselling

Couples in Crisis

Something has happened, or been discovered, that has shifted the sands underneath our whole relationship and only talking to professional relationship counsellors will help. 

It's painful, hostile and non-communicative in our relationship right now. Perhaps one or both of us have done or said things we bitterly regret, and we’re hurting our relationship. The things that have been done or said (or not said) have caused shame, pain and bitterness. Regrets and apologies just don't, can't, wipe out the past and get us back to where we were before. We need couples counselling now.

Splitting up is being considered, if not actually talked about. We may even have got as far as separating. But we’re not sure this is what we both want. Certainly that extra step of potential divorce seems very final right now, and would have painful implications for us.

We may have children which makes us even more motivated to try and find a way through for their sake. There may be other reasons which make it impossible for us to consider leaving each other to live elsewhere – finances, religious beliefs, anything.

Couples who work with each other

We've been a team working and loving together, either in a formal partnership or as Board members of the same company. Now we’re in a mess in our private lives and it’s affecting our business, and we can’t afford for that to happen. Maybe business problems mean we have lost that tolerance which is so important and it's contaminating our private life.

Perhaps one has been building the business while the other looks after the family, while having a share or a small role in the company. 

The situation may have been brought to a head by anything, and its now a crisis of big proportions.

Our lives are falling apart and the ship could go down, maybe taking others with us. Considering the potential wreck that this could make of our lives is terrifying. We need the type of marriage counselling that helps us sort things out - and quickly.

Duo Coaching's course from here

We aim to get to a point of clarity about your joint future (together or not). When the initial crisis has passed, and you have gained clarity about your futures, there are a wide range of re-building options to choose from.

If you have an immediate crisis that needs resolution, and one or both of you are thinking about splitting up....

Go to The Crisis Package


If this is a critical, terrible time in your relationship, yet you are fairly certain you will stay together....

Go to The Better Relationship Packages


Duo Coaching's Intensive Programmes

If its just too hard to get to Neil in Hampshire for standard couple counselling sessions, we work intensively with both of you over a few consecutive days.  We focus on the outcomes that you would like to have happen.

Read More about Intensive Programme Options


Aimed at:

  • for whom travelling to Brockenhurst and back in a day is unfeasible
  • ex-pats who want to work with British counsellors
  • exceptionally time-starved couples who need to resolve something

If you have a problem, call us on 023 816 0008 or email us for relationship counselling in Brockenhurst, Hampshire.  We can help.

We are quick to respond and discreet - always.


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