Finding smooth waters with Duo Coaching

As we believe in being here when you need us, flexibility is an important aspect of what we offer you.

One client told us “When shopping around for counselling, 95% demanded weekly sessions at specific times, and were totally inflexible. You can give us the flexibility we need, and besides which, I like the idea that Duo Coaching is a man and a woman.”

As we offer a large variety of alternatives, we ask you to make contact with us so that we can help you choose the best option. Then we can give you the price to suit.


The Crisis Package

We aim to get to a point of clarity about your joint future (together or not) within 6 sessions, with unlimited support around the clock, every day of the year. 

Read the specifics of the Crisis Package


This is particularly suitable for:

  • couples with an immediate crisis that needs resolution.

The Better Relationship Packages 

A variety of packages of pre-arranged number of sessions tailor-made to suit you, with unlimited support (by email, text or phone). 

Read the particulars of the Better Relationship Packages


For those:

  • who think they will probably stay together but want to work their problems out
  • where one partner has an acknowledged behaviour problem
  • when one of the partners is already in counselling
  • who want to build their relationship to last
  • who are re-building in the aftermath of a crisis
  • those who can do a lot to help themselves but need professional insight to bring key issues to the surface
  • where one or both are industry professionals, (therapists of all sorts), who have some idea of the process but can’t do it to themselves

The Single Issue Package 

We work in partnership with you and help provide resources.

Read what's in the Single Issue Package


This solution fits those who:

  • want to get more out of their current relationship through guided exploration
  • need mediation to resolve a single issue
  • want to break a deadlock


Once the basic package has been decided, there are a selection of Additional Options open to you. Contact us to let us tailor the best solution for you, and then we can give you a quotation to suit. Sessions are in Brockenhurst, Hampshire.

We are quick to respond and discreet - always.


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