Divorce Facts - Part 4 Age

And finally, our last report on divorce statistics.  Appropriate, as this is one of the two months of the year known by the lawyers as 'Divorce Month' - the other being January. We know that many people have been hoping against hope that a holiday will sort things out between them, and it doesn't. So they utter the D-Word (Divorce) and head straight to the solicitors, who are there ready and waiting to take on new clients. Yet there is another alternative.  Come to couples counselling, learn what's been going wrong between you and if it can be put right.  Only then go seek legal separation without regrets. 

There is a link between your age and when you got married as an indicator of potential divorce.

Previous research indicates that those who marry younger are more likely to divorce. For example, of women who had not been married before and who married in 1976:

    •    53% had divorced by their 30th anniversary if they were less than 20 when they married

    •    23% had divorced by the same anniversary if they were aged 30 to 34 when they married, and

    •    7% had divorced if they were aged 45 to 49 when they married.

Further, widows and widowers have similar proportions of marriages ending in divorce to those who had not previously been married, whereas those who had previously divorced are more likely to divorce again.

For example, of men who married in 1976 when they were aged 30 to 34, 28% had divorced by their 30th anniversary if they had not been previously married or were widowers, compared with 40% of men who were divorced before remarrying.

Given that people are making a major life choice when they marry, in some ways we are surprised to find that not more young marrieds get divorced by 30. On reflection, that’s the power of love for you. Without a doubt, being both in love and loving will get most couples through most life events.  What’s great is that younger people are more likely to seek help should they hit a crisis they can’t handle.

We hope you've found this mini-series of articles interesting. Give us a call if you the D-word has been uttered and yet you don't want to endup as one of these statistics.

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