Divorce Facts - Part 2 Longevity

The chance of divorce is greatest between the 4th and 8th wedding anniversaries.  This is obvious when you think about it.  Couples are settling into their lives, responsibilities are being shared (or not), and life is changing (jobs, children, dependents). People are learning to rely on each other, or not, as the realities of commitment kick in.

As Cathy said in a recent interview on BBC Radio Solent, we find those in newer marriage/committed relationships find themselves sucked into vortices of sometimes unintended consequences when the word ‘divorce’ comes up in the heat of the moment.  Avoid the ‘D-word’ and get help if you’ve got to breaking point - then you’ll have more of a chance to get through the crisis and beat the statistics.

Graph of percentage chance of divorce


The probability of getting divorced by the next wedding anniversary rises rapidly in the first five years of marriage, so that between the four and eighth wedding anniversaries the probability of getting divorced by the next anniversary is over 3%.

After the eighth wedding anniversary, the probability of divorcing decreases from this peak, and by the 26th anniversary, the chance of divorcing by the next anniversary is less than 1%.

A significant proportion of our clients come to us having reached their 20+year plus anniversaries. So often the issues are a loss of connection, or lives that have changed. It may be entirely appropriate for such couples to part - if so, then we help them to make a clean break.  However, if loss of connection is the issue, then we specialise in helping two people find each other again.

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