Thanks David Cameron!

Interesting to have the views of Cathy and myself affirmed by one of our Political masters.

'The Prime Minister has affirmed his support for families, declaring in a speech yesterday that they are “immeasurably important” to ensuring a strong society.

David Cameron warned: “When parents have bad relationships, their child is more likely to live in poverty, fail at school, end up in prison, be unemployed later in life”, 

The Prime Minister gave his personal support for marriage, but said families should not be defined by their ‘shape’, but by the “love and support” they give.

We have seen, with the couples that we work with, the wonderful effect that changing from a bad relationship to a great relationship has on the couple, their children, their family, friends as well as generations to come.

Once a couple have the resources to be able to deal with conflict and crises and to work with each other in a loving and supportive way, everything becomes possible.

This was brought home to Cathy and myself yesterday when we were given the magical news that a couple, who had come to see us in deep crisis  a year ago, have just had a new baby, one born out of rediscovered love for each other..

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