Howabout this for a positive connection!

This couple, age 90 and married for 62 years, have gone to a medical clinic, and once there, did something completed unexpected.  May we all find ourselves in this kind of relationship in our lives.

Send a Valentines Card

For those who might have forgotten, Valentine's Day is coming up and its a lovely excuse to re-connect with your partner.   If you want to send a card with a difference, send an e-mail card. (Be aware these tend not to work if your loved one's e-mail account has strong…

National Marriage Week

You may have hear that this week is National Marriage Week. At Duo Coaching we believe that great relationships make an enormous difference to people's lives.  We also know that bad relationships have a toxic effect on their lives as well as those of their families and friends.. We know…

For sports widows/widowers

 As you will realise, both Neil and I sail, and we have both competed. So we have want to share this great cartoon which we have viewed with wry laughter, having recognised the ultimate truth represented on behalf of sports widows and widowers everywhere.

Success and happiness

I was listening to the Radio last week and heard Sting, the musician and occasional philosopher describing the effect that success had on him. He said that ' Happiness does not come from Success but it comes from the quality of our Relationships' This rang very true for me.  At…