A new baby; or not... Now trouble

Our relationship is badly damaged. We need help from marriage counsellors

Our relationship (marriage) had been going OK, even well; we never thought we'd be the ones to seek relationship counselling. But the issue of babies is sinking us. We're doubting our love and commitment to each other, and we're not getting back to how we were.  We're lonely, tired, resentful and need relationship counselling help.

The rock we are stuck on is:

  • our relationship and/or family has gone out of balance
  • our child's ill-health or disability
  • life-threatening or life-changing problems at or around the birth 
  • post-natal depression that has left scars

Maybe our anticipated voyage have been radically altered by:

  • our decision made not to have children
  • the discovery that we can't have children
  • abortion and issues around this
  • adoption in some way

Perhaps our shipwreck started with the tragedy of the:

  • miscarriage, early or late
  • stillbirth of our child, known about in advance or not
  • death of our baby or child - such a short life!

or any other circumstances around our hopes for babies or very young children that have led to the family boat falling apart.

We need the rescuing and being brought back to safety by couple counselling in order to heal the damage and re-build from the wreckage.

How Duo Coaching helps

Through our special mix of relationship counselling and coaching we will help you as a couple to create a new relationship that takes into account the life changing effect of the efforts you made to create a sustainable life for yourselves. We will counsel you to understand each other’s perspective and create ways in which you will be supporting each other. We will coach you in strategies to help you both relax and find ways of ensuring that you make time and opportunities to enjoy each other’s company.

To help you get through these tough times, we recommend our Better Relationships Package

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