Marriage Guidance

Pirates Ahoy! Our relationship is being boarded... give us couple counselling

There are a wide variety of Pirates - affairs, in-laws, ex-partners and children. See if you recognise your situation in the following types:-

One or both of us has had an affair

An affair has been disclosed within our relationship, either voluntarily or by surprise. 
We need robust relationship counselling to help get us through this betrayal.

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Split loyalties are destroying our relationship 

I believe my partner is no longer completely committed to me. I don’t get the answers I want, I’m unhappy and feel unloved and unwanted. I can’t trust my partner to be there for me any more.

As the accused partner, I just can’t talk to them any more. It’s like a brick wall divides us. We need help from experienced couple counsellors who can listen to both sides of our story without judging us.

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The children are de-stabilising us 

Our marriage has been fine but we’re having problems with the children. We need help to sort this out before serious harm to our relationship results.

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A new baby; or not... Now trouble

We knew that the decision to bring a baby into our lives or not would make things different, but we didn't anticipate just how much the things that have happened would rock our boat. The addition to our household, post-natal depression, problems with the baby (or babies), maybe even tragedy, have damaged us. We need marriage coaching to help keep our relationship afloat.

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My in-laws are causing storms 

Our marriage started really well and I still love my partner but I have big problems with my in-laws. We need help from couple counselling to work this knot out.

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An ex is threatening to capsize us 

We haven’t been living together for long. Our relationship had been going really well and I was very much in love with my partner but I have now discovered that I am living with two people, not one. We need external assistance from relationship counsellors to unravel this.

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Whether one of these scenarios strikes an exact chord with you, or not, we will help you get through your breakpoint with a very special way of relationship counselling. You each get individual support as well as couple counselling. Through the insights you gain and the tools we give you to help you communicate, you can re-build your relationship, although not as it was.

If you choose to stay together in your relationship or marriage, then your partnership will be based on firmer foundations. If your partnership breaks down, we will help you through the process, especially if you have kids and need to move onto a solely parenting relationship between you. Couple counselling with Duo Coaching is different.

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