Intensive Programmes

Intensive relationship counselling over a few days

Our clients come from far away and well as close by, attracted by the service we give. If getting to us for standard sessions is too difficult, we work intensively with both of you over a few consecutive days - with multiple Duo sessions and, if appropriate, some Solo sessions. 

The focus is on the outcomes you would like to have happen.

Examples of programmes are:

  • one or two long weekends, or 
  • every day for a week 
  • an evening and a day - maybe several times 

Each programme is individually created in order to meet your outcomes in the time you have available. Time on your own and together to do set tasks and to reflect is interspersed between sessions.  

With the two of us, a male and a female counsellor, we can be more flexible over the scheduling, which allows us to make more efficient use of the time in order to meet your outcomes in a short time.

If several intensives are planned, we also give unlimited 24/7 support in between via email, phone, text and, if appropriate by Skype.

Aimed at those:

  • for whom travelling to Brockenhurst and back in a day is unfeasible
  • ex-pats who want to work with British counsellors
  • exceptionally time-starved couples who need to resolve something


We can recommend local accommodation in hotels or B&Bs (Bed and Breakfast) with you coming to work with us at our normal location in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK. Winchester is an historic town with some very nice eateries and good local walks, some along the river.

An alternative option is to spend the whole time at a country hotel, where you are in a comfortable environment with space to walk and think without distractions. 

It's your choice.

Relationship Workshops 

These 2-day events are for any couple or individual who is focused on improving their relationships but don't have a clear path, and who desires to incorporate more relational knowledge into their daily lives. All are welcome, there are no requirements. This workshop is a combination of lecture, role play, exercises, personal work, discussion, and Q&A. The courses are run over a weekend at a hotel in Hampshire.

If you are interested, send us an email and we will contact you later with more details.

Call us on 023 816 0008 or email us for relationship counselling in Brockenhurst, Hampshire.  We can help.


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