My In-Laws are creating storms

Finding calmer waters through marriage counselling for our relationship

It's my In-Laws

Our marriage (or relationship) started really well and I still love with my partner but I have big problems with my in-laws. We need the extra help and support that relationship counselling provides to sort this out.

Initially I thought I had got on quite well with my partner's parents (with some reservations) but now I feel out of control. The parents-in-law are interfering in our relationship and causing me a lot of stress. I am left feeling that I am just not good enough. Every time I raise the subject we end up arguing and nothing changes. I can’t go on like this much longer; I feel like I am about to explode.

Or the situation is more that my partner has never really left the parental home, being very much still my in-laws' child, and nothing I say or do has seems to have any influence any more. They are running our lives. What makes it worse is that when I try to assert our needs my partner doesn't stick up for me, and always caves in to them. Our marriage is not our own.

In our situation, we welcomed my in-laws in at first to help with the child-care. But they've taken over. How do we deal with this sensitively?

In my case, I've been brought into the family through an arranged marriage. I've tried to fit it, but nothing seems to be working. I still have the support of my partner but my in-laws have the most influence. We need help before the situation splits us up.

They're my Parents

As the partner, my view is that I love my parents, or else I owe them respect, or this is how I've always related to my parents. I see nothing wrong in what I'm doing. Or maybe I can see where the personality clashes are but feel powerless to do anything. If only my partner and/or my parents would be more tolerant or change...

Perhaps I consider it is my partner's duty to allow them to give us advice and help in our marriage.

The whole situation may be complicated by the financial or practical help my parents are giving us.

It's so difficult to be in the middle like this. We can't sort it out; only relationship counsellors have got a chance.

How Duo Coaching helps

Using our special mix of relationship counselling and coaching we will work with both of you to create a marriage (or relationship) that is based on firm foundations and shared dreams and values. We will explore with you, individually, your past and the way in which relationships with your parents and families is still affecting your lives. We will help you to create relationships with your families that reflect the change in your lives and the needs of your partner as well as what is appropriate for other generations.

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