Duo Coaching Defined

Get your relationship back under way with our different marriage counselling

Duo Coaching is a significantly different approach to typical relationship counselling that you may have already experienced. Our premium couple counselling service combines marriage counselling with relationship coaching and is, as our clients find, highly effective. Part of the exceptional service we give is that we are available to you 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help resolve your relationship problems.

Duo Coaching is characterised by:

  • ensuring that both of you are listened to and your views and experiences heard and respected 
  • working with you towards outcomes you decide - coaching as well as relationship counselling
  • dealing with both of you in ways that are unjudgemental 
  • working with you as two individuals as well as working on the ‘us’
  • creating a safe environment to communicate in
  • not assigning blame, since there are two sides to every story
  • being discreet
  • working to the highest standards expected of us as professionals in the relationship counselling field.
  • being passionate about delivering outstanding service and results for our clients.

We work intensively with our couples and devote a lot of time, face to face and behind the scenes to get them to a good place as quickly as possible. Our charges reflect our unique, effective and exceptional service.

How we do it:

  • There are two of us working with two of you with our different perspectives, working very intensively with both of you.  
  • We normally see both of you together with the two of us, although if it is appropriate and timely, we will split out into separate rooms to work 1:1 with you individually.
  • We see the relationship as having several facets, including the two of you as individuals and the ‘us’. We work on all these facets.
  • We work on all the ‘stuff’ that was brought into the relationship as well as what has happened in the relationship itself.
  • We want to help you move on from what has happened. It may be to creating a new, fulfilling and sustainable relationship. Or, if you decide to break up, to a place where you can each accept what has happened while taking forward the lessons from the past for any future relationship.
  • We work very intensively, to get you to a better place as quickly as possible. 
  • Our sessions are typically 2 ½ hours long. They are usually a mix of listening to what has happened and working with various techniques encourage more connection between you both
  • Our 24/7 service means we are there for you - when you need to download safely, when you need help to handle a situation, and when you need a little more practice in specific techniques
  • We have a wide range of skills, experiences and tools and will use whatever is best in the moment.


Relationship Workshops 

We also run workshops. These 2-day events are for any couple or individual who is focused on improving their relationships but don't have a clear path, and who desires to incorporate more relational knowledge into their daily lives. All are welcome, there are no requirements. This workshop is a combination of lecture, role play, exercises, personal work, discussion, and Q&A. The course will be run over a weekend at a hotel in Hampshire.

If you are interested, send us an email and we will contact you later with more details.


You can see the answers to questions we have been asked here.

What we do is unique and we have helped many clients achieve amazing improvements in their relationships and lives. Have a look at some of the testimonials.

If you want to compare Duo Coaching with more traditional relational counselling, have a look at this page.

We suggest you look at 'Who We Are', (if you haven't already), to further familiarise yourself with us -  Neil Wilkie

You will be working with us in Brockenhurst, Hampshire (within easy reach of the M3). Our clients come from a wide area. As we work intensively, with longer but fewer sessions than traditional counselling, and back up support in-between sessions, many clients travel a long distance, finding this is less disruptive to their busy lives. 

Clients find the service we offer is attractive to those who have got nowhere with traditional counselling yet know they want and need to sort their relationship issues out with couples counselling.

We did a interview with Katie Martin of BBC Radio Solent.  You might want to listen to this - 12 minutes, no adverts. If you like this, and other things you have seen here, give us a call on 023 8168 0008 or email us.


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