The Crisis Package

Finding the way forward with relationship counselling

Aimed at:

  • those in crisis 
  • when one or both are thinking of separating/divorce

When you are in crisis, we aim to get to a point of clarity about your joint future (together or not) within 6 sessions. Normal sessions are 2.5 hours long. For support between sessions, you receive unlimited support from us by phone, text and email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

If you can't get to these sessions in Hampshire easily, have a look at our option Intensive Programmes.

You know how much the likely total investment will be before you start. You only pay for the sessions you take. Should you resolve your issues by, say session 4, then you only pay for 4 sessions.

We like to see you for the first appointment within 1-2 weeks, with sessions therafter close to gether while your issues are 'hot' and then spacing outIt takes most couples around 2.5 to 3 months to complete 6 sessions - some take a lot longer. It's what suits you that matters.

Can we guarantee getting clarity within 6 sessions and with unlimited support (by email, test or phone)? Almost. Only one couple has over-run out of the many who have taken up this option - they took 7 sessions.

To come and see us in Brockenhurst, Hampshire, contact us now.


  • you are not in imminent danger of splitting up 
  • you've already separated and want to get back together 
  • you think you'll probably stay together 

Go to the Better Relationships Package


If things are really bad between you now, and 

  • you're stuck - you just need a decision whether to stay or leave
  • you think you know what you want but dare not finally say so because you are worried for the children or the health of your other half
  • the decision to part has been made, but you need to sort things out before going to the lawyers

Look at the Single Issue Package



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