Couple Counselling for Rough Waters

Our relationship is struggling to cope. We need marriage counselling


It was great when we got together. We shared these dreams of what our lives would be like – what we would do, where we’d go, how we would live our life and relate together forever. We never thought we'd need marriage counselling.


Aimed at those where:

  • your relationship has become unbalanced through one giving up their career to look after the children
  • both of you have carried on working while bringing up children and its taken it's toll
  • one or both of you has had to cope with something serious that has put huge strain on your marriage - illness, business failure or runaway success, massive financial loss (or gain), redundancy, public nortoriety, death of people you are close to, anything!
  • unexpectedly you are now caring for dependents - young or old
  • a traumatic incident  recently or in the past - that has changed your outlook(s) on life
  • you've lost your close connection to each other through just living your lives 


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