The children are de-stablising us

We need relationship counselling to get back on an even keel

Difficulties with your natural and adopted children?

Our relationship was OK but as the children are getting older their behaviour has been causing us a lot of stress and arguments. We seem to differ on ways of managing them and they seem to be expert at playing us off against each other and winding us up. The longer this goes on the worse it gets.  We need couples counselling help.

It may be that the situation has become more serious as one of the kids has taken up with a gang, got into trouble with the Authorities or is being badly bullied. Trying to deal with this and both day jobs and still give fair attention to the other children would test any twosome.  But with things are not right between us, home life is a mess. We don’t have the luxury of waiting – we need to sort out our problems now with relationship counsellors in order to cope with the kids and be there for them.

Perhaps one of the children has particular needs which are so demanding that it is unbalancing not just the family, but also the relationship between us. Its getting so bad that we're beginning to feel like painful choices might have to be made, but we'd rather find a better way of being together if we can.

Problems with Stepchildren?

I am in a new relationship. My partner has stepchildren who I had been getting on really well with.  Now that we are all living together, things have got really bad. I try to be a good step-parent but they are just rude to me or reject me. My partner isn’t giving me the support that I need and I am feeling left out. It seems so unfair; I am trying my best but it is just getting worse and worse.  What am I doing wrong?

Or it may be that both of us partners have got children/step-children from previous marriages or relationships. Despite all wishes and intentions, the dynamics of the new 'family' just aren't working out, and the situation is putting our new relationship under considerable stress.  

It may be this is a later-in-life relationship, with the childen are worried about their inheritance.  They are spoiling your happiness together.

Perhaps things are being made worse with advice from other adults. You need help, but not that sort of help. You need help from experts in relationship counselling.

How Duo Coaching Helps

Through Duo Coaching we will work with both of you, as both parents and partners, to understand each other’s perspectives. We will help you both to resolve conflicts and develop strategies for dealing with the children in ways that support your own relationship, both now and in the future as the families grow older and produce yet more challenges. 

We will help you to create a consistency in relating with your children  while ensuring that you both have some ‘us’ time – so important in creating a steady ship for your kids to grow up in, getting them ready to face the oceans of their own lives. Keeping your own ship on an even keel will provide that critical stable platform for your children to relate to and bounce off safely. 

Take a look our Better Relationship Packages

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Issues with other adults as well?

Is all or part of the problem something to do with the influence (financial or otherwise) of others outside the immediate family – God-parents, Grandparents, teachers or other professionals?  Go and see Pirates Ahoy - My In-Laws are creating Storms for similarities. 

If you are divorced or separated, any troubles you have with your children may need to take your ex-partner into account.  Look at An Ex is threatening to Capsize Us too.


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