The Better Relationship Packages

Recovering your relationship with couples counselling


Each of the below packages are tailor-made so that individual needs can be met. They are aimed at what you want to achieve at a pace to suit you, with unlimited support (by email, text or phone) between sessions, which are in Brockenhurst, Hampshire.

The situations couples find themselves in are wide-ranging, and cannot be sorted by one-solution-fixes-all. This is real life, after all. So we ask you to give us a bit of your story when we make contact, so that we can estimate how many sessions, over what time scale and what options will suit your circumstances.  Only then can we give you a quotation.



You've got problems but are reasonably certain you'll stay together

6 to 8 sessions will get you through the initial crisis. The sessions are likely to be close together at the beginning, and then start spacing out. From start to finish, this package normally takes around 3 months to complete, but not always. Some couples take near on a year. 

If your family are a contentious issue in someway, we may suggest a different sort of session to increase the information available to us so that we can then go forward working more productively together to find solutions. Look at the option Help to Deal with the Whole Crew.

This package may be enough to get you under way again. If more re-building work is needed, you might consider

  • 'Pilots remain On Call'
  • 'Scheduled Maintenance'
  • 'Calling into Port for Repairs'

found in Additional Options as ways forward as you rebuild your relationship.


You both recognise one of you has a problem

Your relationship may be sinking. Our aim is to make it watertight and safe again. We can deal with most issues within our Duo Coaching sessions in 6-8 sessions or a couple more, with perhaps some 1:1 Solo coaching. We strongly recommend our 24/7 support, as this gives us the freedom to get in touch with you proactively as well as for you to contact us.

If facing addiction and the impact on family members be an issue, we cannot say how long it may take. Fronting whatever the dependency is about can take time - possibly as many as 8 - 14 sessions. Solo sessions may be important for both of you, as the one who is addicted will need to face the issue and find their way through it with our professional guidance. 

While one person is going through the process of taking responsibility for their behaviours, we can help their partner to hold and sustain themselves.

It can be difficult to re-establish a couple relationship that works for both people after all this.  We help couples re-connect in ways that are helpful to each of them, and help them re-build a healthy partnership. 

As part of the recovery process, we might recommend some work with Susie Little and her small herd at Tower House Horses. We all work as a team to help you both gain confidence in yourselves and each other.

One of you is already in counselling or undergoing intensive self-discovery

It can be tricky for the health of a relationship if one of you is currently centred on their own discovery process.

If you have already been in counselling for some time, or your counsellor has advised you to seek couples counselling, then support we can give though Duo Coaching is more likely to work well.

If one of you is undertaking a programme for something, such as a 12-step programme or a de-tox or CBT, and your relationship is suffering, we will work alongside this to give you both marriage guidance.

It is common for couples to diverge when one unders the process of intensive self-discovery by any means. The explorer can be excited, and motivated by change, while the partner left at home may de-stabilised, and trying to get back on an even keel in ways that may not support such enthusiasm. We can provide the listening space to bring the focus back on your relationship again.

The programme for such support is totally bespoke. We might suggest you start with any of the packages we offer, and we will flex to your needs as things develop.

Building your relationship to last

You want to build your relationship with strong, sturdy timbers.

If this is your first committed relationship, we take you through the basic skills - listening, stress management, how to resolve disagreements as well as envisaging the future. This will normally take 3 sessions.

If you have been in a relationship before, we will be helping you with the above, as well as helping you to learn the lessons from the past.  Add a session or two to the above.

Should children already be, or you hope they will be, a part of your new family, we will also look at resolving any differences in parenting attitudes - see Pirates Ahoy.  If you are coming to this relationship later in life, then we will help you decide how to handle inheritance issues or other tricky situations. Programmes are more bespoke, as outside influences can complicate things between any couple.

You may recognise your lives don't make it easy to sustain a long-lasting and loving relationship.  Perhaps one or both

  • travel frequently, or spend a lot of time apart
  • live very independent lives
  • have dangerous occupations or sports
  • live at least a part of your lives in the full glare of publicity

We help you to work out how to deal with these extra pressures before they hit you, and then when they do, we're here to support you through it, so that you can both rely on each other through thick and thin.


You are re-building your relationship after a trauma or crisis

In most cases, six to eight sessions will get you back onto an even keel, with sessions spreading out as time goes on. We may also do some Solo 1:1 coaching to support one, or sometimes both of you. We tend to work quite quickly on the initial issue, yet it can take time to unravel the knots of underlying problems.

If there has been an affair

We start with six sessions. Then, as trust-building will take time, we expect you to continue coming for a couple of sessions at infrequant intervals over the next eighteen months or so. In this way we help you to review progress and handle set-backs while celebrating progress. A few 1:1 Solo coaching sessions alongside the Duo sessions often helps immensely.

Life on-board our relationship is OK but just one part needs changing

When just one issue is not right between you, this might be dealt with in around 4 sessions with the back-up of the option of 1:1 Solo coaching.  

However, sometimes the one issue is a symptom of deeper issues which take more unravelling. 

Take a look at our Specific Issue Package for more thoughts on this.

Working as well as living together

6 to 8 sessions will get you through the initial situation, whether that be a crisis or a business start-up.  

Duo Coaching offers specialist help to those where:

  • the couple are business partners or active Board members of the same company
  • one is a subsidiary or 'sleeping' while the other is very active in their business and that is complicating issues
  • the couple are in business with family, and they have issues they must resolve together
  • any other co-mingling of business and love life

Then it's about creating the support you need as

  • your business goes through the normal ups and downs 
  • your family grows and you need to balance work with the demands of home
  • the need to move family members into or out of the business causes restructuring   
  • you experience times of commercial growth, downsizing and/or emergency need 
  • you continue to work as business partners while managing the split of your relationship
  • individual development needs start to conflict with those of the business

We have a wide range of support arrangements with such couples - all bespoke to their individual situations. At times we are more involved, at others it's a much lighter touch. We have specialist knowledge in theis area, as we work with relationships critical to success in business as well - see our sister website


One or both of you are therapists

One or both may already have skills, resources and experience. We respect your knowledge, and should one partner not have the same sort of skills, we work with the sensitivities the differences can generate.

We can help you with:

  • a safe environment to talk and listen to each other
  • observations and insight on systemic issues between you, and how it might work better
  • outside assistance to work through unhelpful behaviours
  • specific relationship help for intimacy and desire problems 
  • pattern spotting 
  • as much guidance as you want 

We work in partnership with you to meet your specific needs as they arise in or between sessions, and help provide resources. You choose the frequency to suit you both as you go along. So this could be one session, or any number - it's your choice. We provide a guiding hand to get you to where you want to go.  

Relationship Workshops

These 2-day events are for any couple or individual who is focused on improving their relationships but don't have a clear path, and who desires to incorporate more relational knowledge into their daily lives. All are welcome, there are no requirements. This workshop is taught by Cathy and Neil and is a combination of lecture, role play, exercises, personal work, discussion, and Q&A. The courses are run over a weekend at a hotel in Hampshire.

We find these educational events are particularly helpful for couples where one or both is a therapist, where some extra knowledge would be helpful.

If you are interested, send us an email and we will contact you later with more details.



These Better Relationship Packages are for those couples who are likely to stay together.  If this is in serious doubt, go to the Crisis Package.

We will work with you to create the solution that you need.

Contact us to check the best solution for you, and for prices and availability.  We respond quickly, and are discreet - very.


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